About the boat

Designed by the legendary "Groupe Finot" in France. It has excellent sailing properties considering it's age. However is more suited for coastal sailing rather then offshore racing or the like.

Boat Specs

Year 1984
Length 7,35 m
Beam 2,49 m
Draught 0,81 m       with the keel up
1,84 m       with the keel down
Displacement 1,35 t
Keel weight 510 kg

Who are we?

Mia and Paul.

Mia grew up with sailing parents in Estonia and spent her teens doing competitive windsurfing. But she likes non-competitive things and decided to study design in the Netherlands. The sea-sickness was so big that she is back on a boat and figuring out how to mix her creative career and water.

Mia's tumblr

Paul is an inland boy who found his way to the ocean through surfing. He grew up in a family who enjoys climbing, hiking and other adventurous activities. After world travels Paul decided to study in the Netherlands. He has a relentless interest for understanding the world both in its technical details, and on abstract terms. Luckily that makes him a quick learner and one could not tell it is only his second season on the water.

Paul's tumblr

This blog is a loose documentation of sailing and taking care of our 24 feet sailboat LEI. We write about our thoughts, daily life and sailing related matters. This is our second season on the water and currently we are sailing along the coast of Estonia.