15th of July 2021

What we thought to be the end of the world

Sailing from Kihnu to Saaremaa, staying at Kõiguste, Roomassaare and Mõntu marinas.

5th of July 2021

Friends and the trip to a female ruled island

Sailing from Kuivastu marina, to Varbla and Kihnu island.

1st of July 2021

Fishing, fighting and fear of forecast

Sailing in the island of Saaremaa, Estonia. Soela port, Koguva port & Lõunaranna port

last days of June 2021


Sailing in the island of Hiiumaa and Vormsi, Estonia. Sviby marina, Kärdla marina, Heltermaa port, Roograhu & Orjaku port

28th of June 2021

Stronger winds and shadier marinas

Sailing in North cost of Estonia. Port Alliklepa and Dirhami marina.

23rd of June 2021

Silent sailing on midsummer's eve

Sailing in the Hari Kurk Strait, Estonia.

beginning of June 2021

Off we go

Sailing in the North cost of Estonia. Kakumäe Haven, Noblessner and Lohusalu.

March to June 2021

Sika is sticky aka endless repair works

Repair works and insights at Kakumäe Haven in Tallinn, Estonia.


October 2019

Illegal camping and ebay algorithms

Getting the boat from Lake of Konstaz, Germany to Estonia.