15th of July 2021

What we thought to be the end of the world

Me thinking of food and the forecast.

It was the two of us again. Although boat life was starting to become . We forget the essential — shopping. I was walking around port of Kihnu, trying to find anything that would save us from having tuna pasta. (My heart breaks every time I see canned tuna. A fish that beautiful had to die to be canned.) Luckily there was a festival going on and I scored some salted cucumbers and tasty pies. We ate dinner on the boat and prepared for the next trip from Kihnu to Saaremaa island, to a small port called Kõiguste.

People arriving to the Kihnu isalnd.

It was the longest we had had so far and felt like a ‘true’ crossing. No land at sight for most of the passage and very nice wind. Slight beating, pleasant temperature and steady 4 knots. A thrill. We ate crisps and took turns steering. Closer to land the wind sifted, suddenly, strong side wind and no waves. We turned the motor on when the sun had just slipped away, the air was still thick and pink. We were welcomed by the port master. He parked us and run back inside to continue watching the Eurocup finals. We watched the end of the game with beers, smoked fish and black bread.


We did some boat watching in Kõiguste and eyed a very beautiful boat. An older guy was keeping it, he seemed to be solo and the boat his best friend. It was very thought through and he seemed in his element (I regret not asking for a boat tour, and not even taking a photo!)

We headed out after late breakfast and had a slow ride to Roomassaare. Just as it had gotten dark the wind picked up and we had probably the nicest stretch of this season. The boat was flying, but very comfortably. Adrenaline up we cruised into the Roomassaare harbour. It felt like we were sailing in the Mediterranean, it was still warm and moist.

Paul preparing the boat for arriving, you can also see our beautifully lit ans well functioning Furuno GPS.

After a day of provisioning we sailed to Mõntu. Quite a big marina in the tip of the Saaremaa peninsula Sõrve Säär. Very close to Latvia. An end of the world place as I call them, people pass by, not many stay. These places always have a strongest atmosphere.

We met a boat on our way to Mõntu, they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Some sights around the Mõntu port.

A German couple with an Italian deckhand was repairing their big, wooden beauty called Bounty. She was practising golf moves while the guys were checking the motor. After they left a friendly group of Latvians motored in with a 50 feet boat. They drunk beer and winched in their jet-ski while we got over charged for the marina. The waves called down for the evening and it seemed like we were getting closer to the ‘real’ sea.

Written by mia, pubblished on the 26th of August 2021