5th of July 2021

Friends and the trip to a female ruled island

The flight was delayed. Me and Paul hung out in the airport, read magazines in the airport kiosk and I had a vanilla ice cream. Finally Sasha and Jan appeared through the arrivals gate. Both looked well equipped for a trip full of adventure.

First stop seaside. The evening breeze was already cool, but the waves inviting and water warm. Me and Sasha jumped in the waves, discussing future plans and shared the excitement to see each other again. Jan and Paul put on more clothes and chatted on the shore.

Picnic in Lohusalu before heading to the boat in Saaremaa island.

We packed our things passed by the supermarket and headed out of Tallinn. I pulled on socks in the air-conditioned bus and napped. Soon we were on the ferry, eating canteen food— buckwheat and gravy Saha’s favourite. I was preparing myself for the short, but somewhat special trip. The first time we have friends on board.

Sasha first explained us how anti seasickness bills work, she is studying to be a doctor. She explained why it makes one sleepy and as soon as she swallowed the medicine we could see the affect with our own eyes. She was half-asleep in the cockpit and Jan enjoyed the sea in the bow. My nervousness disappeared as soon as we were on the water and before we know it we motored in the long Varbla channel.

Sasha told us many stories of her dad who is a seaman. He was sailing an oil tanker on the other side of the world while we were making our way in the Baltic Sea.

Varbla marina was new, beautiful and filled with boats. The restaurant was full and we decided to do our own cooking. We enjoyed the long summer night in pink tones and slept on the boat.

Pop-up restaurant by Jan.

Next day was a longer trip to Kihnu. There was little to no wind, perfect conditions for long chats, if the motor wouldn’t be so loud. We took turns steering and Sasha made us sandwiches. I felt slightly tired and suspected I had caught a cold, so as soon as we arrived I crashed on top of the sails and had a small nap.

An example of 'one hand for the boat the other for yourself', Sasha napping in the bow.

Sasha and Jan slept in hammocks just off the tip of the Kihnu island. We sent them off there and tried to cook dinner. We were all too hungry and the wind was blowing the primus out, but the pasta was tasty and spirits high once some food was in the belly.

FUN FACT: In Kihnu island were welcomed by a female harbour master — a rear sight — and bombarded with images of Kihnu Virve, a local celebrity. After some research on Wikipedia we found out the island is known for strong women, who used to rule the island as all men were out on the sea.

Written by mia, pubblished on the 14th of August 2021