last days of June 2021


From Haapsalu we headed over to Sviby. A beautiful small port on the island of Vormsi. I asked the port master for swimming spot recommendations. He said that he is not supposed to tell me this but I could just hop in in at the marina. But to swim I did not manage, because we were too busy with daily chores like looking for fish bate or washing dishes without a sponge. Paul caught his first fish, but it managed to escape.

On the water again

On our way to Kärdla the sea was rolly and rather windy, we met a seal and were checked by a friendly policeman. An eventful ride!

In Kärdla my cousin had a race in the Zoom class and my aunt was there to support her. It was nice to meet them. They gave us a ride back to our family country house, where we planned to hide until the thunderstorm passes.

Best swimming spot in Kärdla.

My aunt Signe with a massive car (old Land Rover) that is not suitable for highways, but very good for transporting boats.

Days not on the water are always somewhat tough, feels like missing out on something…

But after some reloading we were back on the boat and motored over to the next port Roograhu. Managed to kiss the rocks for the first time (with our keel), but it seems our boat could handle the aftermath of it's first kiss without lasting consequences.

Mia preparing for boat inspection after we crashed into the rocks.

Paul jumped up in the water to check on the keel. The boat seemed well :)

We saw this sign only afterwards.

Roograhu is a small port with a mediocre pizza restaurant and camping. Sounds average, but something about the place was very beautiful. Long sunset, kids swimming and birds screaming, in the background was the tiny Kärdla airport and basically no sailboats except us.

Evening at Roograhu.

Slowly we made or rather inched our way to the other side of Hiiumaa, towards Orjaku. I was afraid we will get rolly seas again, but the ride turned out to be rather windless. So we ended up motoring the last bit.

Paul was slightly sick and I had to go to Tallinn to get my vaccine. Our family dog passed away and things seemed foul. Going out on the water far away. And my hand hurting too much to be able to steer.

View from bed.

A small watch house at Orjaku that reminds me of my childhood cartoon Muumin.

But it was good to be on the boat. It feels like home by now. The port staff made us feel very welcomed. I got to know a wonderful lady who organises the Hiiumaa ports. We gave a first boat tour to two brother who had recently bought a boat similar to ours. And in the evening we listened to a concert of an Estonian poet (who attended the venue by boat, and also went into the rocks, twice!) and watched kids play. Full of joy.

Nights at Orjaku.

Soon we were both well again and we headed out towards Saaremaa for new adventures.

Written by mia, pubblished on the 22nd of July 2021